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Nha Trang vs Sihanoukville/Kampong Som

Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Much like how Kampong Som is the known beach town in Cambodia, Nha Trang is the popular spot for Vietnam. I hate to admit it, but I did like Nha Trang better. Differences:

1. Nha Trang did charge about $1 – $1.50 to use their beach chairs. Kampong Som free. But once u rented the chair ppl left u alone to relax. In Cambodia – free chair but then hawkers try to sell u a product or service every 5 mins. At one point I literally pretended to be asleep so that we’d be left alone. I prefer to just pay for the chair.

2. Cleaner/nicer looking at Nha Trang. The sand was finer with less debris/trash around. The water though, pretty comparable in terms of trash but Nha Trang’s water was a prettier blue color. There’s actually trash and recycle cans placed around the boardwalk.


3. Nha Trang is bigger and more developed. Not to say that this necessary equates better. But in this case the setup is less grimy looking and there are more options of places to eat and things to do.

4. B/c it’s a bigger city there are more ppl, and what matters is that there are actually locals that use this beach regularly. We came in on a Sunday when folks were off work and it was packed. Like not a yard of free space along the sand/water line. It was nice to see the lil kids having a good time. The next day it was a lot quieter with majority of the patrons being tourists but even on weeknights the locals come out.

5. Why #4 matters is cuz at Sihaounkville/Kampong Som the majority of folks enjoying the beach are gross Western and European rapist/pedophile/abuser men everywhere. We couldn’t relax there since we were constantly reminded every time we turned we saw another perpetrator. Happens here in Nha Trang for sure but wasn’t as normalized and/or blatant as in Cambodia. I’ve been reading more travel blogs and forums, and of course the sex industry is normalized and encouraged by the gross male tourists, as well as local males. Our driver at one point in Kampong Som, after my mom expressed her anger/disgust at the white men was – “well they feel sorry for the women that’s why they use/rent them. otherwise they woudln’t have $” I responded to back my mom up with which he shut up but didn’t change his perspective any.

We liked Nha Trang so much we spent a few days here. We did have a lesbophobic day when we went on a boat tour. Turned out to be a male loving homophobic booze cruise. To name a few – sea urchin dishes passed out only to male passengers with gfs/wives b/c it’s “good for the men at night” gross, while their gfs/wives fed them, cleaned after them etc and weren’t allowed to eat. we weren’t offered or even acknowledged. at one point our tour guide/mc said “sorry i’m a homosexual” to which a middle-aged passenger said (while sitting next to his wife) “don’t worry i am too” i hate them. then for an hour we stopped in the ocean while the male staff ppls started to strip to thier bathing suits, dance grossly to loud ass techno music while pouring cheap wine into plastic cups to all the men who wanted a drink. i made the mistake of glancing in the water to see our tour guide with 2 plastic cups on his chest (his boobs) while grinding the air. we tried to zone them out by staring into the 2 feet of space where there was nobody else and gave our attn to the lil fishes in the water. :’( the tour lasted from 830AM until 5PM aaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! when we thought we were in the clear the last few words we heard as we were getting dropped off were “don’t worry i can get u a russian girl hehehe”. fml. wish there was a disclaimer but as bebe pointed out i guess it’s default.

next stop hue.

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